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Ready to gift THE gift that is MORE than just a present?  Well these self-care gift sets are not your average gift! Need to show encouragement, love, or offer some stress relief to someone? These personalizable gift sets offer peace and calming for a friend, colleague, partner, or loved one.  Gift this "thinking of you" self care set for a birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day, or for bridal party and engagement gifts - you name it, these personalizable gift sets can help anyone enjoy the tranquility of a peaceful escape and pampering!


These gift sets exude love, comfort, and "I got you!" in the most caring way!  So, dive into relaxation with our fabulous "thinking of you" gift set which includes: a lavender-infused eye pillow (with removable cover); a bath bomb or shower steamer for a splash of fun;  your choice of 3 possible coasters (note preference in Personalization box); a chic stainless steel wine tumbler with a straw and brush; a drink mix shot (no alcohol is included), so this drink mix can be made as a mocktail or cocktail; and a botanical-infused hand-stamped canvas art piece with CUSTOMIZABLE messaging!  Full care instructions are included in every gift box.  


If you want to add a complimentary gift card, see selection offered and denote preference in the Personalization Box. Please indicate if you want it BLANK or if you want a short message. ALL gift sets come with care instructions for the eye mask, the tumbler, and directions for the drink mixes are on each tube.


Please message us at if you have ANY questions!
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  • Each set comes with (1) each: tumbler w/straw and brush, wooden coaster, drink mix tube, & bath bomb/shower steamer, along with care instructions.

    The eye pillow's removable cover measures approximately 3 3/4" wide x 8" long. The stainless steel wine tumbler (with stainless steel straw and mini brush) holds 8 oz., the bath bomb/shower steamer is approx. 3 oz, and the drink mix is approx. 1 oz.

    The SCENT OPTION is for the eye pillow ONLY.

    Drink Mixes (ALL non-alcoholic), can be chilled or frozen, and handmade:
    Sparkling Flirtini - organic white sugar, spring water, & cherry fruit powder, orange fruit powder, hot pink edible glitter, & citric powder; shelf life up to 12 months; pairs well with champagne or sparkling wine/cider
    Spiced Wine - apple and orange powder, cinnamon, organic white sugar; maple sugar; shelf life up to 12 months; pairs well with red wine or favorite whiskey
    Love Potion - a strawberry fruit powder and organic white sugar; shelf life up to 10 months; pairs well with champagne, sparkling wine, and to add more creaminess, put in a dollop of vanilla or strawberry ice cream on top of the champagne mix. Can be a mocktail, using gingerale, club soda, or sparkling juice.
    Cranberry-Orange Mimosa  - cranberry fruit powder, orange fruit powder, organic white sugar; shelf life up to 12 months; pairs well with dry champagne, white wine or club soda & a favorite juice.

    Pomegranate Prosecco - pomegranate fruit powder, spices, and organic sugar; pairs well with prosecco/sparkling wine, and pomegrante juice. Cranberry juice can be substituted for the pomegrante juice.

    Each drink mix shot is approx. 3 oz.

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