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Our Why & How...

At Rustic Cellar Chic by Jolia James, we are a family-owned business since 2022. Jolia James Designs, LLC, curated by founder and creative director, Gigi Clarke, is here to make your space and attire uniquely yours. What started as a cozy venture for her home and those of friends and family, soon became her mission to bring that coziness and comfort to her customers. Explore our many hand-crafted pieces, personalizable decor, and whimsical apparel – each piece offering a glimpse of humor, self-love, and creativity.

We are passionate about curating and designing pieces that will bring people together to share their love for one another, as well as wine or cocktails.  Our designs are inspired by nature, spending quality time with family and friends, and having products that enhance that time together - whether for special celebrations or simply hanging out and enjoying each other's company.  That's why we offer a wide selection of high-quality AND unique wine and cocktail accessories, vineyard-inspired decor, and apparel.  From wine glass charms, coasters, drink mixes, t-shirts, gift sets, and signage, we seek to include items that can be incorporated in one's casually chic, yet comfy, lifestyle.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in every product we design, collect, and sell. We believe in using only the finest materials to create products that are both beautiful and functional. Whether you're a wine connoisseur, casual cocktail drinker, or simply enjoy relaxing YOUR WAY after a busy day, we've got something for all tastes. If you're looking to buy a gift for a cocktail-loving friend, offering encouragement, getting accessories for a special celebration, or just want to treat yourself, we've got you covered. So why choose Rustic Cellar Chic by Jolia James? Because we believe that our high quality, curated creations pair well with YOUR great cocktails, decor, style, and more! We're all about celebrating self-care YOUR WAY, by YOUR RULES, Straight - No Chaser! Cheers!!

Gigi Clarke & Team 
Rustic Cellar Chic by Jolia James &
Jolia James Designs, LLC
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