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Looking for a way to make your next celebration extra special? Say hello to our Color-In Wine Bottle Labels! These cool creations, measuring approximately 4” x 5 ¾”, are designed to fit most standard wine bottles perfectly.


Starting with sets of 4 pre-made labels, we've got designs for all sorts of special moments, as well as the option of creating a customizable version. These labels are super easy to use. Just peel, stick, and let your creativity flow! Color them in with markers, pencils, or even glitter pens if you're feeling fancy. It's like adult coloring books, but way more fun because, well, it's for wine!


For the smoothest look, you might want to remove the original label first. These Color-In labels can be used for various events - 

  • A bridal shower where each guest colors a label, creating a one-of-a-kind wine bottle collection for the newlyweds

  • A milestone birthday celebration with bottles sporting custom-colored labels showcasing the guest of honor's life journey

  • A corporate event where team-building meets creativity as colleagues collaborate on coloring labels.

These labels can also be a unique addition to your home bar decor; thoughtful, personalized gifts for wine-loving friends; creative centerpieces for dinner parties; and fun activity stations at weddings, barbecues, holidays, or family reunions! Let your creativity flow as freely as the wine itself and order your set(s) today.  If you have any questions, please message us!

Customizable Wine Bottle Labels, Cocktail Lover Gift, Color-in Labels

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Set Size
  • Bottles being used with these labels should be cleaned, and free from any oils. Best to use rubbing alcohol or warm water and soap and thoroughly dried.

    It is best if the original label is removed, which can be done using warm water and soap, or a remover such as Goo Gone. Be sure the surface is free from any dirt and oils before affixing the labels.

    The labels are designed to be waterproof, but if using pens/markers to decorate, it is best that the labels are not immersed in any liquid, as the ink/pencil design may run.

    Label titles may be mixed and matched within sets.

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