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Elevate your magnet game with these adorable hexagon shaped real fern magnets! 🌿🧲 Each of these little wonders features a genuine dried fern that's been lovingly preserved to capture nature's delicate and unique beauty.Imagine the joy of gifting these to your nearest and dearest! Whether it's a heartfelt thank you, a memorable engagement or wedding favor, or a token of appreciation for that amazing plant mom in your life, these magnets make a unique pressed flower gifts. These nature-inspired magnets can find a cozy home one's office space, add a splash of botanical charm to your dorm room, gracing the bar area, and oh, the kitchen or wine refrigerator!


Transform it into a canvas of unique housewarming vibes. Each hexagon magnet is a snapshot of a tranquil moment frozen in time. Each pressed fern leaf is different, and it's encapsulated design within tells a story of growth, grace, and the beauty of the great outdoors. 🌱✨ So come, indulge and add a touch of natural charm to one's space, whether it's a refrigerator, galvanized metal wall, bar fridge, or any other metalic surface, buy a few sets as gifts - perfect for housewarming, hostess & shower/wedding embellishments, birthday, anniversary, or other event favors, and plant and nature lovers!


Your 100% satisfaction is our goal! Please message us if you have in questions, or unique requests, such as bulk ordering. Processing times may vary for bulk orders, but that can be confirmed once your bulk order is requested.

Botanical Fern Magnet Set, Fridge Plant Magnets, Pressed Flower Gift, Botanicals

PriceFrom $7.95
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  • These adorable magnets are the perfect way to add a pop of personality to a fridge or any other magnetic surface.


    Each hexagon magnet measures approximately 2" across and 1/4" thick. 

    Fern varieties vary, but magnets are made primarily using the leaves from the Eagle and Leatherleaf fern varieties.  

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