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Woohoo! It's party time, folks! 🎉 Get ready to meet your new partner in crime - our totally awesome 16.5oz Adult Drink Pouches! These bad boys are here to turn your boring ol' drinks into a walking, talking good time. Imagine sashaying around with a pouch that screams, "Shut Up, Liver" or "Less Thinky, More Drinky" - now that's what I call a conversation starter!


These pouches are like the Swiss Army knife of party accessories - they're approximately 16.5oz capacity, and 9" tall, 5" wide, and ready for any shenanigan you throw their way. Reusable? Check. Perfect for pool parties, beach bashes, and lake lounging? Triple check! And let's not forget the piece de resistance - a bendy straw that's more fun than a barrel of monkeys!


So whether you're planning the bachelorette party of the decade, a birthday bash to remember, or just a Tuesday (hey, we don't judge), these pouches are your ticket to Funtown, population: YOU (and MAYBE a few friends to join you)! Get ready to sip, dip, and let the good times roll!

Adult Drink Pouch with Straw, Slushie Bags, Bachelorette Party Drink Pouches

PriceFrom $7.00
Excluding Sales Tax |


  • What You Get:
    • 16.5 oz drink pouch with straw (colors may vary)

    The Super Cool Details:
    You get to choose the customizable letter coloring (see slide for color options.
    Made by Hand: Each drink pouch vinyl design is lovingly handcrafted just for you. Premium, outdoor-grade vinyl is used on all pouches.

    Materials: Carry the bag by the two large holes on top. Store the straw inside the smaller holes underneath for convenience!

    Pouch Dimensions: 9" x 5"

    Straw Length: 8.25"

    Volume: 16 Ounces (473.18mL)

    Material: Plastic

    Color: Clear/opaque

    Safety: Hand Wash Only; Do Not Microwave

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