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Introducing MORE our fabulous Cocktail Mix Shots - the real MVPs of party time! 🍹🎉 Crafted with love and using locally-sourced ingredients, these little wonders bring the perfect blend of flavors without any sneaky artificial sweeteners. We're all about keeping it real, folks!  But wait, there's more! These Mix Shots are like fine wine - they get better with age! With a shelf life of at least 10-12 months, you can stock up for all the shindigs you've got on your calendar. No FOMO here! They're proudly made right here in the good ol' USA, so you know you're getting a taste of home in every sip.


These little dynamos not only whip up tantalizing cocktails, but they also shine as mocktails. So, whether you're dancing the night away or just feel like having a delicious drink without the buzz, our Cocktail Mix Shots have got your back.  Wine/Champagne, fruit juice, or water may be added. So, get ready to turn up the flavor and let the good times roll! Grab a pack of our Cocktail Mix Shots today and you'll be the master mixologist of your crew. Cheers to endless fun and unforgettable moments with every drop! 🥂😄


Flavors offered are as follows: Orange Creamsicle, Blueberry Lavender Lemonade, Love Potion, Spiced Wine, & Pomegranate Prosecco.

**Alcohol is NOT included in these mixes!**


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Cozy Cocktail Mix Shots, Mocktail Lover Gift , DIY Cocktail Kit, Travel Cocktail

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  • Also note: These cocktail drink mixes can be made in shot form, too! These can be made virgin (one shot=2 glasses or 1 big glass/mug) 45 ml with tubes with screw top caps!

    Instructions are included with each order.

    Ingredients (depending on the mix): sugar, fruit powder, & citric powder

    Some suggested beverages to accompany the cocktail mix:

    Cranberry orange mimosa- champagne, white 
    Orange creamsicle- champagne, white wine

    Blueberry Lavender Lemonade - dry white wine

    Pomegranate Prosecco - pomegranate juice (or substitute with cranberry juice), & prosecco

    Love Potion (ingredients - strawberry powder, organic sugar, cream) - prosecco or dry champagne

    Spiced Wine - dry red wine with cinnamon stick or orange slice garnish

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